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Blessed Edmund Campion was “a religious genius,” with a creative spirituality given to few, even among the canonized children of the Fold. But in his kinship with his place and time, his peculiar gentleness, his scholarship lightly worn, his magic influence, his fearless deed and flawless word, he was a great Elizabethan too. He had sacrificed his fame and changed his career. He had spent himself for a cause the world can never love, and by so doing he has courted the ill-will of what passed for history, up to our own day. But no serious student now mistakes the reason why his own England found no use for her “diamond” other than the one strange use to which she put him. He is sure at last of justice. In the Church, that name of his[183] will have a never-dying beauty, though it is not quite where it might have been on the secular roll-call. To understand this is also to rejoice in it: for why should we look to find there at all, those who are “hidden with Christ in God”?

He grins.

Teaching was, of course, the first thing that suggested itself. If Miss Matty could teach children anything, it would throw her among the little elves in whom her soul delighted. I ran over her accomplishments. Once upon a time I had heard her say she could play "Ah! vous dirai-je, maman?" on the piano, but that was long, long ago; that faint shadow of musical acquirement had died out years before. She had also once been able to trace out patterns very nicely for muslin embroidery, by dint of placing a piece of silver paper over the design to be copied, and holding both against the window-pane while she marked the scollop and eyelet-holes. But that was her nearest approach to the accomplishment of drawing, and I did not think it would go very far. Then again, as to the branches of a solid English education--fancy work and the use of the globes--such as the mistress of the Ladies' Seminary, to which all the tradespeople in Cranford sent their daughters, professed to teach. Miss Matty's eyes were failing her, and I doubted if she could discover the number of threads in a worsted-work pattern, or rightly appreciate the different shades required for Queen Adelaide's face in the loyal wool-work now fashionable in Cranford. As for the use of the globes, I had never been able to find it out myself, so perhaps I was not a good judge of Miss Matty's capability of instructing in this branch of education; but it struck me that equators and tropics, and such mystical circles, were very imaginary lines indeed to her, and that she looked upon the signs of the Zodiac as so many remnants of the Black Art.

“Werry likely,” retorted the hag with a grin; “I'm a fortune to the public 'ouse, I am. And it's the only pleasure I 'ave in my blooming life, blarst it!”

9. "On motion of Mr. Uriah Tyner,—Resolved, That the thanks of this meeting are due to the members of the Colonization Society, for their unwearied zeal to promote the interest of this community.

He knew it well; a common hedgerow weed; but the placid diversion baffled him. It was clematis, he said.


2."Yes," said M. "Speaking." There was a pause. "Yes, sir? Over." M. pressed down the button of his scrambler. He held the receiver close to his ear and not a sound from it reached Bond. There was a long pause during which M. puffed occasionally at the pipe in his left hand. He took it out of his mouth. "I agree, sir." Another pause. "I know my man would have been very proud, sir. But of course it's a rule here." M. frowned. "If you will allow me to say so, sir, I think it would be very unwise." A pause, then M.'s face cleared. "Thank you, sir. And of course Vallance has not got the same problem. And it would be the least she deserves." Another pause. "I understand. That will be done." Another pause. "That's very kind of you, sir."





  "Two days after, Powhatan having disguised himselfe in the mostfearfullest manner he could, caused Capt. Smith to be brought forthto a great house in the woods and there upon a mat by the fire to beleft alone. Not long after from behinde a mat that divided thehouse, was made the most dolefullest noyse he ever heard: thenPowhatan more like a devill than a man with some two hundred more asblacke as himseffe, came unto him and told him now they were friends,and presently he should goe to James town, to send him two greatgunnes, and a gryndstone, for which he would give him the country ofCapahowojick, and for ever esteeme him as his sonn Nantaquoud. So toJames towne with 12 guides Powhatan sent him. That night theyquartered in the woods, he still expecting (as he had done all thislong time of his imprisonment) every houre to be put to one death orother; for all their feasting. But almightie God (by his divineprovidence) had mollified the hearts of those sterne Barbarians withcompassion. The next morning betimes they came to the Fort, whereSmith having used the salvages with what kindnesse he could, heshewed Rawhunt, Powhatan's trusty servant, two demiculverings and amillstone to carry Powhatan; they found them somewhat too heavie; butwhen they did see him discharge them, being loaded with stones, amongthe boughs of a great tree loaded with Isickles, the yce and branchescame so tumbling downe, that the poore Salvages ran away halfe deadwith feare. But at last we regained some conference with them andgave them such toys: and sent to Powhatan, his women, and childrensuch presents, and gave them in generall full content. Now in JamesTowne they were all in combustion, the strongest preparing once moreto run away with the Pinnace; which with the hazard of his life, withSakre falcon and musketshot, Smith forced now the third time to stayor sinke. Some no better then they should be had plotted with thePresident, the next day to have put him to death by the Leviticalllaw, for the lives of Robinson and Emry, pretending the fault was histhat had led them to their ends; but he quickly tooke such order withsuch Lawyers, that he layed them by the heeles till he sent some ofthem prisoners for England. Now ever once in four or five dayes,Pocahontas with her attendants, brought him so much provision, thatsaved many of their lives, that els for all this had starved withhunger.


Roger of Salerno was quite quiet till they regained the dining-room, where the fire had been comforted and the dates, raisins, ginger, figs, and cinnamon-scented sweetmeats set out, with the choicer wines, on the after-table. The Abbot seated himself, drew off his ring, dropped it, that all might hear the tinkle, into an empty silver cup, stretched his feet towards the hearth, and looked at the great gilt and carved rose in the barrel-roof. The silence that keeps from Compline to Matins had closed on their world. The bull-necked Friar watched a ray of sunlight split itself into colours on the rim of a crystal salt-cellar; Roger of Salerno had re-opened some discussion with Brother Thomas on a type of spotted fever that was baffling them both in England and abroad; John took note of the keen profile, and — it might serve as a note for the Great Luke — his hand moved to his bosom. The Abbot saw, and nodded permission. John whipped out silver-point and sketch-book.



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